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Arsenic Shrinks Safe Water Access
The arsenic problem in the country is taking serious turn day by day. According to experts, high percentage of arsenic-affected tubewells in many rural areas has shrunk overall access to safe drinking water.
Bangladeshi Workers to be Evacuated from Gulf
 European Union Probe into Custodial Deaths

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India Plans Big Military Spend
India, growing conscious of its regional super power status and facing heightened tension with Pakistan, is gearing up for military equipment acqisition this year.
 Media Rules Relaxed: Foreign Investment

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High Court Allows Corruption Case to Continue
Kerala’s High Court has ruled that the consent of Kerala State Parliament Speaker Lok Sabha was not needed to continue vigilance proceedings against Former Chief Minister and Senior Congress Leader K Karunakaran in the ten-year old Palmolein corruption case.
 Government to Discuss Citizenship Problems
 Children Given Insulin Injection Instead of Vaccine
 From the International Edition
AIDS Activists Challenge New Law

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